Where is the home office in the USA of Pastors Beyond?
As Director of Pastors Beyond I work out of our home in Tyrone, GA. [See Contact Us]

How long has Pastors Beyond been in existence?
Almost 30 years... See History

How long are trip deployments to the mission field?
Pastors Beyond couples are willing to go anywhere from 2 weeks to 3-4 mos depending on the need, logistics, finances and what is agreed upon between the Pastors Beyond couple and the mission entity they will be coming alongside.

How are Pastors Beyond couples supported?
Each Pastors Beyond couple is their own completely faith-supported ministry! As such each Pastors Beyond couple trusts the LORD to provide all of their funds for living both stateside and ministering overseas. Pastors Beyond couples receive no remuneration from any of the mission entities that we visit. As such it is from our own individual partners and our own church contacts that each pastor-wife couple receives all of their support.  The exception to this would be Pastors Beyond couples that might have their own revenue stream through their own retirement portfolio if they have indeed retired.

Will contributions to a Pastors Beyond couple be tax-deductible?
YES... IF a pastor-wife couple have been incorporated as a 501(c)3 'not for profit' corporation!  This would be essential for those couples that are not of retirement age and hope to depend upon the tax-deductibe giving of partners and partnering churches. Another way is to work with your home/sending church to support you through their missions giving.

How do Pastors Beyond couples decide where to go? [OR, If a mission group wants you to come how do they go about making arrangements?]
We go by invitation only to any group that would invite us and we are able to fit it into our schedule.

Where do Pastors Beyond couples live while overseas?
They live either in a missionary compound apartment or a fellow missionary’s home in the adjacent community who is on furlough or with a missionary family! We do live fairly western, but life is never quite like home. We eat fairly simply. We purchase our food at the local markets and stores. We do our own cooking. We do our own cleaning and laundry.

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