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Cliff & Carole Stabler's thumbnail sketch of Pastors Beyond... We have been part of most of Pastors Beyond history! 

Wycliffe’s founder, Cameron Townsend, realized that, as he visited the branches, WBT/SIL members needed pastoral care. In 1985, Pastor Orval Butcher, and WBT leader, Ken Williams, founded Pastors Beyond in order to provide pastors to visit SIL members and to provide sermons for a week or so. But, it soon became clear that the need was greater, and longer visits were more helpful.

Cliff and Carole Stabler were the first couple to respond to this need on a full-time basis. and served in branches from two to five months at a time. In the early 2000’s, as many as nine couples served overseas in a pastoral capacity.

Cliff and Carole Stabler's Story...

The Stablers first made a pastoral visit overseas in 1988 and became Director in 1994. They pastored WBT/SIL members in branches in Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Dagestan, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea. Previously they had served in inner-city ministries, church renewal in the six states of New England, behind the Iron Curtain, and pastorates in Florida and California. Presently, they are providing debriefing and spiritual retreats in California for furloughed members from Brazil, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea.


The Stablers


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