Dave and Velva both grew up in Christian homes. Their parents served faithfully, and their churches supported missions. They met at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Mo. That is where they received their training and that’s where they were married. Dave and Velva have four children they dearly love and four grandchildren who are, of course, amazing.

Dave served as a pastor to churches from 1983 until December 2020 including 26 years at his last ministry. Velva has served in many ways over the years but especially as a prayer warrior, providing piano and vocals in the worship ministry, and mentoring other women.

Missionaries often don’t have anyone they can look to as their pastor. They can grow tired and discouraged as they deal with many stresses and challenges on the field far from family and friends. Wycliffe Bible Translator founder, Cameron Townsend, saw the need for pastoral care on the mission field. We have had that affirmed by missionaries we know and love as well.

We are excited to share in this ministry of encouragement to missionaries as a couple and to pastor missionaries on their own turf. We are ready to preach, teach, pray, listen, love, listen, encourage, babysit, listen, or serve in other ways needed.

As we finished high school, we separately prayed seeking what the Lord would have us do. God brought us together. The longer we have served the more certain we have become that this path is pleasing to God and flows from our hearts. Seeing men and women, boys and girls, come to Jesus and grow as disciples has been a labor of love and a great joy. Praise God. For almost 4 decades we listened, prayed, guided, encouraged, and shared God’s Word with people here in the US. Now God has put it in our hearts and opened doors to offer pastoral care to brothers and sisters who serve far from home on the front lines.


The Armstrongs have a not-for profit organization, Grace on the Go Ministries, and you can find their website at

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