The Ways of God

This is a little chronicle of how God has worked in an interesting way through our lives and the lives of a wonderful family in our path across many years’ time…

Starting in 1977 when our children were 5 & 3 and continuing for several years Marty & Susan (M & S) needed someone to watch our two children

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Message in a Manger

A few years ago I saw a movie, ‘Message in a Bottle’. It was a rather touching love story of a couple who ‘meet accidentally’ via the message in a bottle, fall in love, and then tragically the man dies while saving a little girl who was drowning

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Out of Sorts

Sometimes the mission field is the same as what my dad used to say happens a lot in the army… i.e. ‘Hurry up –> AND WAIT!’ Quite often people’s schedules are unable to ‘mesh’ very well on the field; m’s arrive in one place at a certain time,

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Life and Death

In the last month we have lost two women who have prayed for us for many years… This has brought to the front of our thinking the value and wonder of a human life well lived… particularly one lived for the Lord JESUS CHRIST!

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Be Still and Know

islands‘Be Still and Know that I am God.’ This verse has been lingering in my [Susan’s] mind before and during our stay in The Solomon Islands. Before we left I thought the admonition was to settle down and be quiet in the midst of packing.

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