islands‘Be Still and Know that I am God.’ This verse has been lingering in my [Susan’s] mind before and during our stay in The Solomon Islands. Before we left I thought the admonition was to settle down and be quiet in the midst of packing.

However, this verse has stayed with me and in fact become more of a daily event since arriving in The Solomons. Our apartment windows look out over the breathtakingly beautiful bay of Guadalcanal. Here we see sunrise and sunset over the ocean and mountainous islands clearly visible to us here. Here we see the coming and going of ships. Here we see the waves of the ocean in calm weather and stormy weather. Here we hear and see birds and other animals not so common at home. These have all given me pause as I stand or sit and marvel at all God has created. We went snorkeling with several m’s & the colors below the surface of the water can hardly be adequately described… How God created so much beauty & variety is beyond me & often leaves me speechless and groping for thoughts within me… Why He put so much beauty below the surface where it is not often seen by many people at is beyond my understanding… Why ‘waste’ the beauty & variety on so few eyes…? And yet I know seemingly intuitively that God has indeed created all of this and He loves each little bit of His creation… And then there are the whole of the vast expanses of this universe that have never been seen by anyone except for the ‘eyes’ of GOD… How does one ponder well that thought…?

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