A Trip to the Vet

Hutch 1Several years ago while in an African country a friend needed to take her sick dog to the vet. This sounds like a simple task. However, it seems that the vet was a 6 hour drive away. This meant at least a two nights stay. My friend needed someone to ride with her as the roads were not always safe for one person. I volunteered to accompany her on this journey. We planned to drive down one day and leave her dog at the vet, day two we would sit on the beach and eat ice cream, on the third day we would collect her dog and drive home.

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A Lesson Learned from a Goat

Jan and I have settled into our responsibilities at the base in the highlands. A somewhat more rural area surrounded by coffee plantations and wonderful people. Our morning responsibility is to shepherd, care for and milk the goats. After Jan milks the goats I have the task of attaching an 8' rope onto their collar and staking them out in the pasture where the grass is the highest and looks the most tasty.

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